Honda NSX R GT Full CGI

After my first entry for the Automotive CGI challenge on facebook with my render of the Porsche GT2RS which placed 3rd.
i entered the Next one which was a Japanese battle between the Honda NSX and the Nissan 300zx
What are the odds??
Of course i choose the NSX (which is made by pawel korwica) https://www.behance.net/gallery/26524771/Honda-NSX-R
This is a tribute to the Best motoring franchise and it’s legendary driver Keiichi Tsuchiya
some mood references first, i wanted the car to be in a japanese mapple forest
references of the actual car, i need to do some modeling to match this version which is a road homologued version of the JGTC car
Keiichi helmet redone in CG
Carbon fiber shader
Carbon fiber on the actual hood geometry
shading of the car in progress
volks TE39 wheels remade
handmade mapple leaves with double sided shading to get translucency
with the whole tree generated in speedtree
fist layout and lighting
Props added for the environnement
Final Render

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