why excessive photons?


First of all, i would use this simple definition as a start :

Over-illumination is the presence of lighting intensity higher than that which is appropriate for a specific activity » 

I always defined myself as a sensible person. Not in the usual meaning, but in a more specific way. 

this gasp of memory should illustrate : i’m laying on the sand somewhere, the beach is in front of me and big clouds over are so bright i couldn’t handle to keep my eyes open nor facing the sky, or the sand. It always made me think of myself like a camera film that was way too sensible for it’s environnement. Finding the dimmed lighting, candles lights, moon reflections way more delicate that the harsh sun. Maybe it will explain my love and dedication for « clair obscurs » images and painting.  

But it would be a lie saying it only rely on this. Excessive photons is the result of a bomb. not the one that kills but more like the one that burns. It burns your soul with a heat so great it that leaves what appears to be a permanent shadow behind. 

This heat, may represent my obsession with beauty. the fine details, the volumes, curves that make highlights and shades. the delicate reflections that shines upon the surfaces. 

I started my life drawing, i studied digital arts, became naturally curious about photography, learned how to replicate it in CGI. ultimately i became good at it. Now i’m asking this question : what defines me as a person? 

am i the one searching to perfect it’s crafting? or the one that could teach or supervise people how to attain it? i’d say it works with both of them. 

I love to think out of the box, finding new solutions, new workflows, new ways of resolving a creative problematic. And i’m always looking forward heavy challenges. and by that i’m not talking about the unrealistic briefs of bad clients, but more that something that never has been achieved before. 

I’m a dreamer, hard worker, gentle lover, passionate photographer, vintage design collector. My name is Hau Nguyen Dinh, and this is my online portfolio.